Linde Tillmanns
Linde TillmannsMusician | Composer | Songwriter


Linde Tillmanns is a 23 year old composer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
After starting with piano lessons at six, a new love for rock brought her to guitar when she was eleven. Violin came into her life when she was thirteen, as a result of an admiration for Irish trad music.

Ever since then, She has experimented a lot with different styles on predominantly these instruments;
from jazz to indie, from Brazilian Music to Swedish Polska’s, from prog to pacific.
She made several instrumental compositions as well as songs with lyrics, ranging from folk to funk.
From the age of seventeen she has been in bands, including her own band (which was called Sun Rhythm) and the indie-project of Hungarian singer-songwriter Borka Balogh.

From 2015-2016 she attended the preparation year of the Rock Academy as a guitarist. After a gap year she then moved on to study Music Performance Artist at the Utrecht school of arts; an education that focuses on creating, artistic identity, concept thinking, pioneering and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary work. The first years of her education, Linde mainly developed herself as a songwriter and a musician in several projects (duo, band, collab with producer Midist).
From 2018-2019 she was an intern at TivoliVredenburg, curating events for the Rabo Open Stage and making it possible for afrobeat jam session Afrogrooves to come play in Club Nine.

in 2019-2020 she went on an exchange to Aalborg, Denmark, where she craft-hungrily began studying jazz piano. During this year, she found her identity as an instrumental composer, as well as the overlap between her songwriting and her instrumental modern jazz composing: a more electronic sound that leans more towards neosoul.

At the moment Linde is mainly focusing on developing her new project In Sight, with a first concert taking place on the 19th of June in Cloud Nine, TivoliVredenburg.

In Sight follows my process of becoming aware of the world around me, the confrontation with that world and with myself. And thereafter: the search for a way to not ignore things that are happening, but still seeing the glass as half full.”