Linde Tillmanns
Linde TillmannsPianist | Multi-instrumentalist | Composer


Linde Tillmanns (1998) is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She makes modern jazz with the personal touch and intimacy of a singer/songwriter. Always exploring, she continually searches for new harmonic worlds, rhythms and melodies that touch her. As well as jazz greats like Aaron Parks, McCoy Tyner, Alice Coltrane and Tigran Hamasyan, Linde is also greatly influenced by traditional music from various countries, having dived most deeply into Brazilian, Irish and African music. She is attracted by both the minimalistic and the very dense.

Linde graduated from the Utrecht Conservatory on the 19th of june 2021 in Cloud Nine, TivoliVredenburg. She studied in the department of ‘music performance artist’, an education which entails finding one’s musical voice, working with other disciplines and thinking conceptually. In 2019/2020, she went on an exchange to Aalborg, Denmark to study Jazz piano. Since graduating she has been playing in various projects including her own, as well as being employed as a private piano teacher.

Linde released her debut-EP, ‘In Sight’, in june 2022. In april 2024 Linde and fellow composer/guitarist Prashant Samlal released their home made Ambient album Callisto. In the autumn of 2024 Linde will release her very first full album, with both her sextet and trio.